The Wrong Approach; Why Penis Enlargement Failed

November 16, 2013 by in Articles

Why Penis Enlargement FailedWhy penis enlargement failed? Today penis enlargement market is very well seeded into the mainstream. And of the hundreds of thousands of men who try some approach to enlargement, not all of them actually achieve their goal at all. But how many is that? How many men are actually successful at growing their penis? And how did they accomplish it?

What are the pitfalls of penis enlargement? What are the methods that you shouldn’t waste your time with? Some men fail because they’re just not motivated enough. Others don’t stick to a program. Like a diet, if you don’t bother to do it, it doesn’t work. Often men are enthusiastic in the beginning, only to lose interest after a short time.

Meanwhile, some men don’t have the willpower because the get depressed over slow results. There are plenty of us that want instant gratification, real results in five minutes. Then there are those who just decide the effort isn’t worth it, or those who miscalculate workout intensity for penis enlargement exercise.

In that regard, some users find a certain pace of performance while doing their exercise, and don’t realize that intensity should increase over time, just like any workout. After two months or so, the intensity of the beginner’s workout is not suitable to get you to the next level. On the other hand, those who try to move too quickly thwart their efforts as well, trying to move past a beginners pace to speed things along, this is one of the most common reason why penis enlargement failed.

If that’s you, you’re trying to cheat time and thus cheating yourself by wasting effort. In both of the above cases, you’ll end up in the “demotivation zone then penis enlargement failed.

As your body and penis adapt to exertion of exercise, the workout becomes less and less effective. Those exercises should be replaced by new ones, or more intense ones. There is no lack of effective exercises available to you through the systems we recommend. Once you’ve squeezed every ounce, or inch out of one exercise, it’s time to move on to the next. Only then will you see those inches take off again.

Dismiss Advice = Penis Enlargement Failed

Good advice is only good advice if it’s taken. In penis enlargement this is more than true. For example: the advice about abstaining from sex for 2-3 hours after exercise is crucial. Those who don’t take that advice waste time and energy on exercises that don’t have time to pay off, because only time and proper blood flow build the tissue needed for penis enlargement.

Some men just refuse to take this advice, then their penis enlargement failed. Sure it’s a shame to waste a perfectly good erection, but experts in the field know what they’re talking about. It’s like running the marathon after you’ve just finished practicing, or trying to bench press you max at the end of you’re weight training workout.

This is also the cause of most injuries that happen during penis enlargement. Another injury catalyst is someone who tries to improvise an exercise, or continues in spite of pain believing the “no pain, no gain” philosophy works with penis enlargement.

Although a certain level of pain is normal during penis enlargement exercises, serious pain is a sign that you’re doing something wrong, or overdoing something. Intense pain tells you it’s time to stop and let your penis recover.

And it’s important not to forget that a proper warm up and cool down are a must. Some men skip this part of the program, and the only thing they accomplish is wasting part of the workout, and slowing the growth of their penis. Warming up and cooling down is extremely important in preparing tissue of any kind for the healing and rebuilding process.

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