The Truth about Penis Pump

November 6, 2013 by in Articles

Truth about Penis Pump

The penis pump is the first enlargement devices invented, assuming hanging weights from you penis can’t be considered an operating device. Penis pumps have been used for decades and the continue to be a popular tool. However, before you purchase a pump, there are several things you need to know about vacuum pumps. 

We are not here to direct you to certain products, but in suggesting the best solutions for penis enlargement we like to help you avoid those that pose the most danger and have the worst results. There are too many men willing to forget about serious safety and value in a rush to judgment in their quest to quickly solve their penis problem. Unfortunately the solution is not that simple.

If you’ve never seen a penis pump, imagine a cylinder that tightly fits over the penis. It’s designed to be airtight, and the pump is used to create a vacuum. The vacuum action stretches the spongy tissue of the penis. In theory, the vacuum pressure is supposed to help the penis fill with more blood, thus creating a larger erection.

The penis is supposed to expand in length and girth, and the claim by most penis pumps is permanent penis enlargement. But that’s not what happens. When you subject your body to such pressure, there is great risk of rupturing blood vessels. And internal bleeding is clearly not good, especially in your penis.

And even though the bleeding is confined to the penis, prolonged use of penis pump can cause long term damage. The penile growth effects from pumping are temporary. Erections created by vacuum do not last long, and are even shorter lived for those with diabetes or poor circulation.

The suction mechanism fills the chambers of the penis to their maximum capacity, but that blood recedes immediately after the pump is disconnected. Worse is the risk of preventing true blood flow for extended periods of time. Without blood flow there is no oxygen to tissue and that’s not a good thing to do to your penis.

The penis pump can also have the unwanted effect of desensitizing the penis. The vacuum process does not discriminate between the tissue of the penis and the cells that make up the nerves. The problem is made worse by the fact that safe pressure varies greatly between men, so you may be on the extreme end of that unsafe scale. You may have heard horror stories from friends who’ve developed impotence, or had their penises curved or otherwise injured by penis pumps.

Another unfortunate effect is that your testicles can get sucked into the pump is it’s not used properly. To say it’s painful, is an understatement. Too many men get duped into trying this unsafe and ineffective method of temporary gain. Don’t be one of them.

Penis Pump Alternative

There are plenty of effective ways to increase the size of you penis without risk to your favorite organ. Exercise systems like PenisHealth are a great example. Exercises employ the very same underlying principles as the pumps do, but you hands of course can not reach the pressure values as which pumps operate.

So you get the same results with a much safer method. Also, with the “hands-on” approach, you know how much pressure you can take, and when to stop. Our recommendation is to do what’s right for you penis, and avoid maiming yourself.

Or you may consider the Penomet. A lot of penile pumps use air pressure (vacuum devices), The Penomet uses water pressure. Precisely why? Studies show that the use of water pressure not only better, but also more efficient and more effective plus is not injurious, not like air pressure type penis pumps. It is because the water consistently distributes a “gentler pressure”, very different from air that concentrates the pressure towards tip of penis which is hurts or towards the stem, which will cause tissue damage.