Top 5 Penis Enlargement Exercise Tips

September 29, 2014 by in Men's Sexual Health

Top 5 Penis Enlargement Exercise Tips

There are lots of things you can do to naturally enlarge the size of your penis – and you don’t even need to buy products to get started. Here are the top 5 penis enlargement exercise tips that you should keep in mind before starting penis enlargement exercises.

1. Warm Up

It’s important that you warm up before starting penis enlargement exercises. That’s because it’s almost impossible to increase your penis size whilst the penis is soft. Ensure that your penis is hard before starting. It doesn’t need to be rock solid, but it should be at its current optimum length.

This will make the exercises easier to do, and you will be able to achieve better results. One thing to note also is that by warming up, we mean easing in to a particular exercise. Do not go all out at the very beginning, because like everything else in the human body, you could damage the delicate tissue around the penis if you are too rough.

2. Focus on Easy Exercises

Penis enlargement exercises don’t need to be complex. In fact, there are a number of them which are really quite simple. Be sure to do the easiest routine possible, so that you don’t get frustrated of having to maintain a complicated routine.

As they always say, KISS = keep it simple, stupid! Apply this train of thought and you will more than likely stick with the regime all the way through to the end, and not give up.

3. Regular Workouts and Short Exercising Period

You don’t need to put hours aside for male enhancement exercises. The truth is that a simple 5 minutes each day is all that is needed to achieve visible results in 2 weeks. Keep things simple, quick, and productive, and don’t waste time. This will ensure you reach your goals faster.

4. Eat Healthy

You’ll probably cringe when you read this one. Of course, you don’t have to eat well, put when you are trying to add size to any part of the body – whether it is the arms, legs, or your penis – you need to ensure you are getting quality nutrients. Good foods will promote growth, and you will see results much faster than you would whilst exercising on a diet of junk food.

5. Be Consistent

You certainly won’t experience results overnight. No one can achieve immediate penis enlargement results. Instead of expecting the world overnight – stick with your exercise routine and give it a chance to work. Compare your penis size before you start exercising to the size in week 3 of your penis exercises, and you will probably see a significant difference, if you have been applying all of the tips above.

Try these out and there is no reason why you would be disappointed.