Tell Partner about Penis Enlargement

November 19, 2013 by in Articles

tell partner about penis enlargement

Telling partner about penis enlargement could be tricky. There is always the risk that she won’t understand or won’t agree with your choice with penis enlargement. So how do you decide whether to tell her or not?

One of the toughest choices for a man to make is how to go about penis enlargement. Some men can decide in the blink of an eye if they are ready to give it a try or not. For others it’s a much harder decision. But informing our mate about the choice is usually not very simple. 

There are burdens that aren’t meant to be carried alone. If you’re married, engaged or just in a long-term relationship, you realize your not alone in your decision making. It seems only fair that you share your choice with your significant other. The conversation can often seem like a test of your partner’s love, open-mindedness or desire to make you happy.

It’s important to be delicate when discussing the option of penis enlargement. You want to hope you partner pass your test by getting her to accept your decision to try the options set forth in this website. Success in including your partner means you’ll be able to take pills, wear penis enlargement devices and do exercise in the presence of you partner… without having to hide it.

It means no excuses, or awkwardly hiding away in the bathroom. The right conversation with your partner means an end to deception that erodes the trust and respect that is the core of a consensual relationship. But there is also the risk that your conversation about penis enlargement proves unsuccessful, if you’re partner is too embarrassed about the process and ultimately cannot accept it.

Tell Partner about Penis Enlargement: Help her understand the research you’ve done

It’s a fact that some people might not be as open-minded as you would like them to be about penis enlargement. It’s important to plan ahead, ensuring you have a sensible response to any questions that might come up. Make sure you sound convinced about your choice and help your partner understand the research you’ve done, and how that decision makes you feel. Tell her you’ve poured over all of the options… and concluded that penis enlargement is your best option for happiness and confidence.

One good point to make is the increase in all forms of body alterations available and accepted today. Breast enhancement for example. If you’ve ever talked to your partner about breast implants, explain that penis enlargement is not much different. Even procedures like facial treatments, botox injections and teeth whitening change the way we look. Why should men abstain from using techniques proven for them?

Tell your partner that you aren’t going to force choices about her body on her… and you’d prefer she allow you choices about your body… ultimately being supportive of those choices. Reassure her that you’re not going to put her in awkward positions, or force her to do anything uncomfortable to her.

Hopefully, your comments put her fear to rest, and help to eliminate tension over the penis enlargement issue. If your partner truly cares about what you want, and what’s best for you, chances are she will warm to the idea… especially if it improves your sex life. In the best case, she’ll even help you make your final decisions about what will work right for you in terms of pills, device, patch or exercise.

But in the end, informing your partner is not a requirement. The final choice will always lie in YOUR hands. Only you know of your spouse or girlfriend might like to experience the surprise of penis enlargement. Or for whatever reason, you choose to keep the whole idea under wraps. Don’t forget that it is your body… and your self confidence we’re talking about here. Open your heart to your lover and do what is right for both of you.