SizeGenetics, the Most Comfortable Penis Extender Device

June 18, 2014 by in Product Reviews

SizeGenetics,-comfortable-penis-extenderWith its 58 way comfort system, SizeGenetics is the only penis extender device which makes every possible effort to adapt to the shape of individual penis, which provides the guarantee for a satisfactory consumer experience over time.

The SizeGenetics 58 way Multi Directional Angling (MDA) comfort system is among several other features that sets this penis enlargement device apart from its competitors. Always remember that the real key to successful penis enlargement is consistent usage over a prolonged time period.

SizeGenetics, by virtue of the function, is fairly cumbersome and is placed into one of the most sensitive parts of our body. Not enough can probably be said about ensuring user safety and comfort during the application of penis enlargement devices. With its 58 way comfort system, SizeGenetics goes further than other market alternative in its bid to make certain successful enlargement with the minimum possible discomfort. Users will notice that this is a huge benefit of this best penis enlargement device.

The components are designed for optimum comfort such as:

  • Soft silicon noose which adjust to your corona’s contour as is pushes the glans away from your body,
  • An incredibly pliable comfort strap that can be used rather than the silicon noose to tighten the penis glans,
  • Protection pad which cushions the contact areas between the strap and penis head,
  • Latex cover to even further protect the sensitive penis head from irritation,
  • A topnotch, newly developed Protech matt strap to minimize the potential of the penis slipping out from the extender device.

Multi Directional Angling (MDA) component of SizeGenetics comfort patent shows its formidable effort in guaranteeing that the extender device acommodates the various combinations of penis direction and also curvature that our bodies can generate.

Furthermore, the full kit features a penis moisturiser cream which is applied after removing the unit to remedy any potential irritation and drying caused by long-term use. Another product offered in the kit is a dry traction powder which helpful to avoid the penis slipping out of the extender device.

Instructional DVD is supplied to round off the kit. This DVD visually explains every single thing you need to to understand about using the extender device within the various configurations, and tips on how to apply the powder and cream for optimum effect.

Keep in mind, even the human anatomy is described and defined statistically in terms of means and averages, the truth is no two penises are ever identical. What this means is a device that might be suitable for one user, may possibly lead to severe discomfort in another.

SizeGenetics isn’t the cheapest penis enlargement product, and this is also true if one considers many imitations around, however with its advanced system of integrated components made for dealing with penis with maximum delicacy, and also the multitude of rotational and pivoting junctions, this penis extender shines as the most comfortable penis enlargement device on the market today. (Click here to visit SizeGenetics official site)

Successful enlargement - SizeGenetics

Successful enlargement with the minimum possible discomfort. You will notice that it is a huge benefit of this best penis enlargement device.