Is There a Real Safe Penis Enlargement Solution?

July 7, 2017 by in Articles

Safe solution to penis enlargement

Impotence treatment is the most sought after treatment for sexual enhancement in males, followed by Penis enlargement. There are a whole lot of penis enlargement solutions available which promise you a bigger and thicker penis. Today a lot of people are going for penis enlargement. Many advertisements are being posed these days which claim about penis enlargement. But is there a real safe solution to enlarge penis? 

There are no shortcuts to penis enlargement. It is not as easy as it seems. Men today have stressful lives where they have limited time & money. So they are looking for a quick solution to this physiological problem.

Surgery is one of the ways to achieve penis enlargement. Though there are many side effects associated with this procedure. The success rate is very limited, the cost involved is pretty high and there may be chances that you may get a distorted penis or get some sort of erectile dysfunction.

Doctors say that a 4 inch long penis could easily stimulate the vaginal tissue whereas a penis which is 9 inches long can prove brutal for the cervix and might even cause bleeding.

Many good surgeons refrain from doing this surgery and would ask you to make up your mind thoroughly by giving you counseling sessions. They may even advice you some alternative therapy for penis enlargement.

Optical method is the easiest & safest method to make your penis look longer. You should trim the pubic hair. By doing so the sensitivity of penis is increased and your penis would even look longer.

Natural Penis Enlargement Solutions

If you still cannot reach desired results, then go for natural remedies for penis enlargement. If you want to use natural remedies, it will take some time to see the results. But regular physical influence can bring about a change in the length of the penis.

There are three natural methods:

  1. Jelqing: This is a massage technique for the penis, originally practiced by the Arabians. But it takes a lot of time to get visible results.
  2. Penis Extenders: One has to take a lot of care while using penis extenders. As it made damage the tissues of penis and can prove very uncomfortable.
  3. Penis Enlargement PillsYou should try only herbal pills because these are safe and free from chemicals. They will enhance cell division with passage of time and show desired results.

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