Psychology and Physiology of Penis Size

June 18, 2015 by in Articles

Psychology and Physiology of Penis Size

Any man contemplating the use of penis enlargement methods should consider seeking professional advice beforehand. This will help ensure that he is introduced to the safest, most effective methods available intended for this purpose.

Various certified medical specialists and doctors are often involved in various aspects of determining penis size. Sometimes men will meet with a urologist, a sexologist, or a surgeon to take care of this problem.

Some of these might also be mental health specialists or psychologists, or clinical counselors. Mental/psychological issues as well as physical issues are addressed for a reason. Many times what a man thinks is a small penis really is not, and when erect his might actually be more normal in length than he would think.

Even in the flaccid (non-erect) state a man’s member is often more normal of a size than originally thought. In fact, only a very small fraction of the population (.6%) actually has what is called a “micropenis.”

However, in order for someone’s manhood to be classified as a “micropenis” it would be only 2 inches or less (7  centimeters or less). Therefore, most men can relax, and they need not worry if theirs is bigger than this.

However, most men need some reassurance-more so than just from this blog entry or from a doctor. They may even need more reassurance than they can even get from a significant other if they have one. Therefore, they might at the very least seek a way to remain erect for longer.

This often is one of the most primary concerns of women anyway-besides girth (width) of a man’s member. If a man can stay erect for longer times this will more than likely be the key to keeping a woman happy than anything.