Premature Ejaculation: Men’s Problem That Affects Women

Premature Ejaculation

The statistics are alarming, 2 out of 3 three men under 40 suffer from the so-called “syndrome of premature ejaculation.” A problem that is not minor, is cause for separation between couples.

Premature ejaculation is a medical condition that falls in male sexual dysfunction. It occurs in men who may have a good arousal and erection but they ejaculate or seminal fluid discharge in the “preamble”. And this happens often the first contact with the genitals of your partner.

In most men who suffer from this problem, the phenomenon will occur before the three minutes into intercourse.

Until 30 years ago this painting was not considered within the sexual needs of couples. People were made aware that it was normal for that man, having a good erection, penetration and ejaculation had fulfilled its role, the rest was “women’s issue.”

But today things have changed and the closest definition to reality is that premature ejaculation is a person who ejaculates when they want to.

Dr. Eduardo Pino Aravena, an expert on the subject, and former President of the Latin American Society of Sexology, explains that there are four types or levels of this dysfunction to be classified as:

  • Ejaculatory Ad-slides are those that manage to penetrate even the couple and they come ejaculation.
  • Severe Ejaculatory: are those that last less than a minute and introduced the seminal discharge.
  • Eyacualdores of medium intensity are those that last up to four minutes.
  • Ejaculatory Mild: are erect lasting more than five minutes, but also have no control over their ejaculation, or last longer, but do not ejaculate when “they want” but when they feel the reflex.

Premature Ejaculation Causes that affect

As indicated by Dr. Pino, these problems occur mainly in younger men, mainly in guys under 40 years old.

“We thought that the causes of this dysfunction were mainly psychological. But the University of Amsterdam conducted a survey of all the published literature from 1882 to 2000. This investigation concluded that premature ejaculation was mainly due to the lack of neurotransmitter substance called serotonin,” Rosenberg said.

In general, the early ejaculatory they can be classified into two groups:

  1. Primary: There are those who have always been early, ie, from their first sexual intercourse and have remained so for life. The man who has this type or level of problem is like having a chronic disease like hypertension or diabetes. And be careful or be forever.
  2. Secondary: There are those who have lived for a time as normal ejaculatory control “ejaculatory reflex”, but then fall in premature ejaculation. In this type, the causes are different. These may, for neurological or psychological problems such as stress, neurosis, or trauma in dealing with a very demanding partner. They have a better diagnosis and improved in the short term.

The highest percentage of early ejaculatory are within the “Primary”, ie those who do not produce the “serotonin.” Bearing in mind that depression significantly down this material and also produce erection problems.

“There are cases where the woman is the cause for which man becomes a ayaculador early. This is when she’s rejection of the sexual relationship and asked the couple to end as quickly as possible after sexual intercourse. Then the man used to it and may end up being a premature ejaculation,” says the urologist.

It can influence sexual problem called “hot vaginas Syndrome.” Some women have a much higher temperature than normal in the vagina. What are normal 36.5 degrees and these women can get to 37 and more degrees. And as the sensitivity of the penis is very high, then immediately catches the most heat and ejaculates before the time he wanted.

Premature Ejaculation Treatments to follow

Dr. Eduardo Pino clear that psychological treatments in primary ayaculadores not have many matches since they last a long time and are not effective. “In these cases, medications that promote reuptake of serotonin and are given a ‘training’, in which exercises are taught to control ejaculation. Such treatment should be performed by specialist urologist-sexologist,” he explains.

It adds that patients are trained to handle the perineal muscles, the anal sphincter and the muscle bulb cavernosum, among others.

“These exercises are done individually and not with the couple. The premature ejaculation treatment lasts about three months. But if there are pictures in which there is dysfunction due to the relationship, are treated by therapists. This, provided that premature ejaculation is secondary to the problem of partner,” says professional.

According to the specialist, women in general and especially in these times, are demanding, very demanding, and if man does not work or gives you pleasure, it just changes a couple, since they do not have much interest in collaborating, because usually when the patient consults on the verge of ending a relationship.