Curing Penile Curvature or Peyronie’s Disease

September 7, 2014 by in Men's Sexual Health

Peyronie's DiseaseAre you suffering from pain during sexual relations or embarrassed by problems resulting from the curvature of your penis? Is your penile problem causing difficulties during sex or limiting its frequency? Penile curvature, also known as Peyronie’s Disease can be dealt with and your sexual problems or pain will be a a thing of the past. 

Peyronie’s Disease is known as an irregular curvature in the penis created by a formation of scar tissue in the erectile tissue that takes place during an erection. A plaque of hardened tissues in the penis creates a restriction in the penis and prevents correct expansion of the penis while erect.

The result of this expansion problem is a curvature located where the restriction is taking place in the penis. Irregular curvature in the penile shaft can be a severely painful experience for both of the parties involved and can then cause impotence through erectile dysfunction.

Peyronie's Disease or Penile Curvature

Almost three percent of the male population is affected by Peyronie’s Disease. While some younger men can have Peyronie’s Disease, most severe conditions has been reported to happen to men aged between forty-five and sixty. The symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease are as follows:

  • A thick band of hardened tissue surrounds the penis
  • A noticeable bend in the shaft of the penis while in an erect position
  • Pain occurs during an erection and makes penetration difficult as well
  • A noticeable narrowing in the diameter of erect penile shaft

Peyronie’s Disease Treatment

Treatment may be necessary for some men while others with penile curvature do not seem to be as effected by it and do not need treatment. The Peyronie’s Disease should be addressed with a physician directly if a slight bend or arc in the penis is noticed. Waiting too long before taking action can cause more problematic situations and even longer to cure the Peyronie’s Disease.

By not doing anything, the problem may take several years to fix itself. If further problems arise due to the Peyronie’s Disease and nothing is done, the results can be impotence or having intercourse will not be possible.

Why this condition occurs to a penis during an erection is unknown. Some experts claim that the hardening of the erectile tissues is created after a trauma to the penis occurs and bleeding happens in that spot of trauma in the penile shaft. Other experts believe that Peyronie’s Disease may be caused by genetics or even an autoimmune disorder.

Peyronie’s Disease sufferers have several drug treatments available to them. These medication treatments include a Vitamin B or Vitamin E complex treatment, a steroid and calcium channel blocking injection or therapy by radiation. While these treatments do work to some extent, they work to alleviate the pain and not to eliminate the actual problem. The most well known form of treatment for the disease is surgery.

Curing Peyronie’s Disease with Traction Device

If you are determined to correct the penile condition but are not really interested in the above forms of treatment for returning to an enjoyable sexual experience, then a SizeGenetics system might be the right choice for you. SizeGenetics include a traction device which slowly forces the tissues involved in the problem area to expand rather than retract and therefore smooths and stretches the shaft back to a normal state.

Clinical research has shown that men who suffer from Peyronie’s Disease and used the SizeGenetics system were able to reduce the arc in the penis and to also maintain the straightened shaft. As a bonus the size of their penises were also increased. This system is only for those willing to put in the effort needed for fixing the condition of the penis since the system requires use on a regular basis for the program to work the best.

A membership to PenisHealth is included with the SizeGenetics system. This membership includes exercise programs for the penis that are designed to reduce the curvature condition of Peyronie’s disease. Members to the PenisHealth program will be able to learn how to modify for bigger the length and girth of their penises, how to forestall ejaculations, prevent curvatures from happening and preserve sexual health for the future.