Perfect Penis Size That Women Prefer

May 10, 2014 by in Articles

Perfect Penis

When you mention the “perfect penis”, what thought comes up first? That’s right, the size of a penis came to mind. Despite comments from what men and women say aloud, it is different when behind closed doors or asked privately.

Size does seem to make a difference and matter. Many men find this a bit depressing if they are aware of what the standard is or some men know size matters but are unknowing of the fact that women know what that “perfect penis” size is.   

Although penises of any size can still perform their main function of reproducing and are able to do it effectively, even the average size in a penis may not be enough according to women. The average size of a man’s penis is set at approximately 12.9–15 cm (5.1–5.9 in) according to studies conducted on the subject.

The Size of Perfect Penis

While the average size should be perfection, it still is not. Women find that above six inches is necessary for the best sexual performance and reactions.

Women of all age groups made the remark that penises six inches or under were not enough for adequate pleasure purposes. This leaves out the majority of males as being able to provide the best sexual pleasure to their partners. Below average sizes are not enough and the average sized men are not either, so this leaves only the above-average men the ability to give women what they want and need.

Large-scale surveys and much research has been done on what the perfect penis or most popular size of a penis meets the standards of many types and ages of women. As a result of this research and surveys that were conducted, the “perfect penis” to a woman turn out to be 7-8 inches in length and 6 inches in girth.

penis size preference chart

The Women’s Penis Size Preference Chart: Perfect Penis:  7.15 – 8.25 Inches

Measure The Penis Size

To measure accurately to see how you compare, follow these easy steps: The length is measured by holding the erect penis parallel to the floor, placing a ruler at the base of the penis gently resting on the pubic bone and measure to the tip of the penis, making sure the penis is fully erect at its best potential in a warm room.

Yes, it makes a difference. Also, while the penis is at an optimal erection, measure the girth of the penis. Take three separate measurements and take the average of the three to be the final result. Measure around the base of the penile shaft, just under the head of the penis and another in the mid section of the penis.

Are you above the norm? Does it really matter to you or your partner?

Unfortunately many men have feelings of despair when they think about their lack in size and inability to give pleasure to their partner and think they can not do anything about it. But this is not true. If it is truly bothersome to a man, something can be done.

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