Penis Size Myths that Need Addressing

September 14, 2014 by in Articles

Penis Size Myths

You have all heard them. Men and women everywhere have joked using these myths as a way to make a man feel better (or sometimes perhaps worse).

Common Misconceptions

Men with big feet have bigger penises, you always here. Although that may be somewhat of a rule of thumb it is not some major scientific fact to gambling upon in your personal life.

Supposedly some people of one race have a bigger penis than someone of another. This is a stereotype, as people of each race are endowed differently.

Of course, the most common misconception of all is that a man needs an exceedingly large penis to please a woman. That is not true, as most of the time it is more about the time that this special member of the body remains erect than anything.

Regarding women and sex, a man often is obsessed that his has to be the longest ever. However, the fact is that a woman’s vagina size on average is only about 7.5 cm long (3 inches) long. Many women in fact, had complained about the discomfort they feel when this male member pushes against the uterus or makes her feel like she has to urinate.

If you are Concerned about Penis Size

The misconceptions listed above do not refute the fact that a man is concerned most of the time about the way his penis looks. However, in most cases the concern is probably most prevalent when his penis is not erect, in which case most men’s look very small.

On the other hand most penises when erect are between 6 to 8 inches long at the very least. In most cases, this is quite enough endowment to please a woman. The girth (width) may in fact be more of a concern to women, but in most cases it is true when they say it is more about how a man uses it.

One more Myth about Penis Size

I am addressing an additional common myth about penis size. Many people (both men and women) assume that a taller guy or a guy with a bigger build automatically is endowed with a much larger member. However, that is simply not always true.

That is just as much of a myth as is the supposed fact that men with big feet have a larger penis. Nothing about the man’s build has anything to do with how big or small his most important organ of the body measures.

This myth has been dispelled by a study done by two prominent men known as Masters and Johnson (no not the male member LOL). They measured the endowment of more than 300 men, presumably of varying heights but the place where I found that information did not say what height the men were.

The most important factor of this research is as follows:

The largest male member was 14 cm (5.5 inches) when not erect (flaccid). The man who was the proud owner of this organ was measured at 5 feet 7 inches (170cm) and happened to be very slim. The smallest organ belonged to a man who was 5 feet 11 inches (180cm).

Additional Info

Usually the biggest issue men face is not necessarily the size of the penis, but the length of the time that they stay erect. This is usually what concern is addressed by most penis enlargement methods used today.