Penis Pumps

Penis pumpsPenis pumps have been around for quite some time now and over the years have developed somewhat of an erroneous reputation as an enlargement device. Penis pumps are all well and good in their own right but when it comes to achieving permanent gains in penis size they serve little or no purpose whatsoever.

Over the years many men have benefit from the use of penis pumps; particular those who found themselves “wanting” prior to the age of sexual enhancement products such as Viagra and Cialis. Even with the emergence of such products many men still continue to make good and effective use of penis pumps to help them alleviate any temporary erectile problems that they may or may not have. Yes, even those who do not have erectile problems make use of the pump to serve other purposes – not penis enlargement though.

How Do Penis Pumps Work?

As I have previously stated, penis pumps serve little or no purpose in attaining increased penis size. Penis pumps come in various sizes, shapes and forms (including those specifically designed for the penis head) but generally they all work by creating a vacuum over the penis. This vacuum, which creates a difference in pressure then forces blood into the penis through suction.

By forcing blood into the penile tissue the penis becomes engorged as all the cells become filled up with blood. This is really all there is to the workings of a penis pump. Some require manual pumping to create the vacuum while other more sophisticated and convenient ones use battery power to get the job done.

This works wonders for men who suffer from temporary impotence or mild erectile dysfunction. Many will also state the the pump increases the size of the penis – which is true – temporarily. Partial erections are common among men with erectile problems and some have difficulty entertaining sexual intercourse because of this. With a partial erection the penis only gets so big, but by using the penis pump and greatly increasing the amount of blood in the penile tissue most of these men would obtain erections that they may have never experienced prior to using the pump.

The penis is usually at its hardest and firmest at this point. This new found erection can usually be maintained over a short period of time by using a constriction device at the base of the penis to prevent the blood from flowing out of the penis after the vacuum pump is removed.

Safety of Penis Pumps

In times past there was a great deal of risk associated with the use of penis pumps. Many of these pumps had not be design and manufactured in a manner that would place user safety at the top of the priority list. Because most of these pumps were also cost prohibitive, you often found that manner individuals were sorting out ways and means of making their own homemade penis pumps. This only serve to increase the risk of causing serious damage to the penis.

Recent innovations and developed of better researched products have eliminated much of the dangers associated with using the pump. Even so you will still find that through misuse and abuse of the pump that many individuals still endanger themselves.

Today some of the best penis pumps on the market are clinical tested and medically approved. These can also be obtained through medical prescription in cases where doctors recommend their use to treat ailments such as ED. By carefully following the instructions and other directional guides that the manufacture makes available to you, most if not all risk is eliminated.

Restrictions & Side Effects of Using Penis Pumps

Although in this new age of male enhancement, penis pumps have been deemed relatively safe there are still some niggling issues which one cannot escape. The use of penis pumps in resolving erectile problems can be quite rewarding to many but there is no getting away from the fact that sexual intercourse with constriction device attached to the base of the penis is not as satisfying. Yes I know, some sex is better than no sex at all.

Another potential source of complication when using the pump to attain a full erection for sexual intercourse is that it can be a challenging prospect in cases where your sex partner may not be willing to exercise the patience and provide the level of support that is necessary to ensure that the encounter is one that is fulfilling to both of you. Some individuals may also find it difficult to ejaculate because of the constriction at the base of the penis; however, the better models are designed to better facilitate ejaculation.

Minor soaring of the region near the base of the penis is possible even when all precautions have been taken. For some individuals the use of a penis pump is not an option because of their increased tendency to suffer from scarring and tissue damage by using the pump. Seeking professional advice before contemplating use of the pump is always recommended. The use of certain medications and other health related issues such as anemia also pose the risk of serious complications when using the penis pump. Temporary loss of sensation in the penis is also a possibility.

Benefits of The Penis Pump

The most obvious benefit of using a penis pump is that it significantly impacts on the lives of those who suffer from erectile dysfunction. When used in conjunction with other sexual enhancement products the results can be overwhelming and in some cases a little pumping is all that is needed to get all the right ‘juices’ flowing.

Being able to attain and maintain a full erection during intercourse can also have a salutary effect on overall self esteem and confidence. Erectile dysfunction is also a very expensive disorder to treat. Although pumps may initially seem cost prohibitive with prices above $300 the long term saving from buying and using enhancement pills can be tremendous. Even in cases where pills are used together with the pump there still exist the potential to save on long term cost.

Many healthy, strapping and sexually driven young men have also found ways and means of putting the penis pump to ‘good’ use. They do not suffer from erectile dysfunction or any other health problem for which the pump might be effective but instead they have been able to use it as a self pleasuring device. The use of penis pumps as a masturbating device is a common practice exercised by both ED and non-ED sufferers. I have no objections here so to all of you out there.