Should “the Penis” be a guy’s Biggest Concern?

September 20, 2014 by in Articles

Penis Size Concern

According to female perspective, often “the penis” can be a concern, but to them (as far as they will admit) it is not as huge of a concern as other aspects of a relationship. Does this fact stop men from placing too much emphasis on this very important part of the male anatomy?

The fact remains that “the penis” is often a guy’s biggest concern. However, should it be?

From a male point of view it is very much connected to a man’s ego. This is the part of the body which most makes him who he is. It is just as important as are the breasts to a woman-and of course her very personal sexual organ, the vagina.

In other words, the size of his “schlong” is likened to breast size of a woman. These are probably the two most personal parts of the body of which humans feel very self-conscious.

As far the male human is concerned, they should be concerned about this. However, other priorities also are important, not just his endowment.

Why is size so important, especially to a man?

One fact will probably never change. Men will always feel better if they are sure they are well-endowed enough to please a woman.

Another fact will probably not change either-that men often are very competitive to one another. If you ever hear guys talk in the locker room about comparing their members you can understand more about them.

So, there you have it. The main reason that endowment is so important is that a larger/thicker “Johnson” is associated with power. The one with the longest and thickest one is said to supposedly get the most ladies.

Is it true that “the penis” is what gets ladies?

Well, most women would prefer that a man has a penis at least! However, most women look for other aspects of a man’s character such as personality, sense of humor, and intelligence.

Besides, she’s not going to see his “thing” for awhile anyway if she is smart! (In a perfect world, everyone would weight until marriage, which of course may not be everyone’s point of view.)

However, all this as far related to sexuality is besides the point. Though a woman is attracted to a man more by his personality than his looks she does place some importance on sexual satisfaction.

Regarding sexual satisfaction, more women would prefer a wider “Johnson” to a longer one. This is something to think about as a male works to improve his energy, stamina, and erection time. However, most males should realize that “the penis” is not always the biggest concern.