Penis Extenders

Penis ExtendersThe use of penis extenders as a stretching device to increase the size of the penis has gained much prominence over the last few years as more and more customers began experiencing tremendous results from the use of such products.

Penis extenders work on the principle of traction to produce a deliberate and measured stretching force on the area of the anatomy (in this case the penis) for which changed is desired.

With the increase prominence of these devices as a means of producing effective and permanent results there has also been an increase in the number of poor quality, cheap modifications of genuine products out there.

The emergence of poor quality penis extenders products on the market have only heightened the disbelief and skepticism that many (even those who know better) have expressed when it comes to penis enlargement products. Many manufacturers add more fuel to the heated argument by making exaggerated claims about the effectiveness of their products.

Knowing full well that you will not gain 3 to 4 inches in 3 months, etc., etc. These are the products that should be avoided or if not carefully investigated before you fork over any of your money. Don’t be discouraged though, the better more effective products are still out there.

How Do Penis Extenders Work?

As previously stated traction is used to enable change in the size of the penis. The stress produced by the extender device as it stretches the penile shaft forces the body to adapt to the added pressure placed on the penile tissue by inciting cell division and multiplication in the region(s) where the stress is applied. When this stress is maintained over a period of time, the continuous increase in cells translates to lengthening of the penile of shaft.

This increased length is permanently maintained even after the device is no longer in use. Like with any other enlargement system results will vary from individual to individual but even when gains of 3 or 4 inches are not seen, it is almost guaranteed that by using an effective device and adhering closely to the manufacturers instructions that some gains will be made.

Unlike pills, or pumps, penis extenders produce permanent results without being complemented or supplemented (in the case of enlargement pills) by other systems. However for optimal gains in size it is highly recommended that a supplement (pills) be used together with the device. Although the design of most if not all penis extenders seem to place more emphasis on increasing length rather than girth, the better more innovative extenders also adequately address gains in overall girth.

The Drawbacks of Penis Extenders

First off, I would like to state that penis extenders device provide, if not the best penis enlargement technique, one of the top methods to bring about effective change to the penis size. But like with everything else it is not the bed of roses that many portray it to be.

There are drawbacks, and primary among those is the time factor. When I say time I am not talking about the 3 or 6 months (some of us longer) that you will be using it for; I am referring to the how long you must use it for on a daily basis. Here we talking about hours, in most cases 8 to 12 of them and this can be a hassle for most if not all persons. Unlike enlargement exercises which might be entertained for an hour at most and pills which are consumed and forgotten, extenders demand a great deal more attention.

The basic work of generating and maintaining stress on the penile shaft requires time and although the better manufacturers have made a concerted effort to reduce on the impact of such an inconvenience, some customers still find it difficult to use the device effectively because of the time demands. Efforts have been made to make the device more comfortable and less conspicuous while being used. This in effect allows you to wear the extender under your clothing and while going through your daily routine. This is one of the main factors to look for when examining and reviewing which are the best penis extenders out there.

Safety of Penis Extenders

Many individuals show interest in making their own homemade enlargement devices which is all well and good when you have more than just a basic idea of what it is that you are doing. The use of enlargement devices can be very risky which is why it is usually best left to the experts to deliver safe quality products.

Improper use or proper use of faulty devices could easily result in permanent damage to the penis through nerve and tissue breakdown. Scarring and even impotence is possible so it is important that careful attention be paid to instruction manuals and guides that usually accompany the purchase of your device.

Your own body can also be used as a guide, in that extreme discomfort and burning sensations in the groin area are good indicators that you should review what it is that you are doing at that point in time ( It might be time for intermission).

The cost, although usually a one time remuneration (unless you purchase a low quality cheap device with no warranty) can be prohibitive to most customers. Much research and development work goes into the manufacturing and design of the better devices on the market. This is the reason behind the associated cost so if you looking for a high-end quality penis extenders product be prepared to spend a few dollars.