Penis Enlargement Patch

Penis Enlargement PatchWhen we talk about penis enlargement patch, we are not referring to the development of red, brown or other colorful blotches that may appear on the penis as a result of infection or otherwise. Neither are we talking about the actual placement of a patch on the shaft of the penis.

Penis enlargement patch is relatively new to the world of penis enlargement. It is one of the latest innovations of the penis enlargement industry and has its direct counterpart in the penis enlargement pill.

The penis enlargement patch patch was borne mostly out of the need to provide customers with a much higher degree of convenience and comfort when it came to increasing the size of the penis. Many of us like to see results without actually engaging in the uphill effort that is usually required for things to materialize.

The fact that customers are able to enjoy much of the benefits of the enlargement process without placing the focus and attention that is normally required when using other systems such as exercise or stretchers is a big plus for the patch; and perhaps what draws most customers to its appeal.

The prospect of obtaining incredible results (or any results for that matter) with increases in both length and girth by just placing a patch on some strategic location on the skin, though appealing, usually doesn’t quite work out that way.

The penis enlargement patch is very similar to the pill and just like the pill where you should not expect to gain 3 or 4 inches (as is often claimed by marketers) by taking a tablet 2 or 3 times a day over a 4 or 6 month period; don’t expect such gains by just placing a patch on the skin.

An assessment of the best penis enlargement patch out there has revealed that the patch is in fact a great addition to the enlargement techniques that are presently available and does have its advantages over the pill as a supplemental product. However, the patch also inherits many of the drawbacks that one would experience from using the pill.

Penis enlargement patch is composed of many of the same herbal ingredients that one would find in enlargement pills. As a result the effects of using a patch are similar to that of using the pill; some individuals will in fact experience increase penis size from using the patch.

Now here is the catch; patch producers, claim that such gains are permanent but like with the pill that is often not the case. Using a penis enlargement patch without using penis exercises or extenders will often result in the penis reverting to its original size after the use of the patch has been discontinued.

Even so, in cases where one has opted to enlarge the penis it is important that one uses either the patch or the pill to supplement whatever enlargement program they have chosen in order to experience optimal growth. Some of the patch manufacturers have realized and acknowledged this fact and are able to provide a superior product by making the patch available in conjunction with an effective exercise program.

How does Penis Enlargement Patch Work?

Penis enlargement patch works in a similar vein to the pill and as such it is very common to find that some of the better pill manufacturers are also producing patches that are of superior quality.

The basic natural ingredients found in the patch are known to have an innate effect on male sex drive by facilitating blood flow and hormonal responses that are conducive to ones overall sexuality. Blood flow is the key factor here and is the driving force behind the enlargement process.

The patch is placed on a strategic location on the body; in most cases it is recommended that it be placed near the pelvic region (areas such as the butt cheek and the top of the thigh are usually used) for a specific amount of time before it is removed and replaced with a new one. Some patches can be worn for up to five days but most are on average worn for three days or there about.

The placement of the patch in areas near the pelvic not only allows for concealment and much convenience but the claim is that wearing it so close to the penis will bring about more effective results. After attachment to the skin the active ingredients in the patch are inserted directly into the blood stream so that they could immediate get to work on the task at hand. Many in the penis enlargement fraternity believe that this really gives the penis enlargement patch an advantage over the pill supplement.

More blood into the penis by extension means bigger, firmer, more engorged erections which one would not normally achieve without the use of the supplements present in the patch. This will have very positive effects on ones sex life and in some cases where genetic tendency for increase growth of the penis is present, individuals will experience increases in penis size. However, this is not the norm and just like the pill although there may not be permanent size gains in most cases the overall benefits from using the patch are undeniable.

So how do we experience permanent size gains by using enhancement patches? By using it in conjunction with other proven enlargement techniques: preferable exercises or extenders. That my friend is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Its a double whammy, an unbeatable combination.

Not only do you enjoy the benefits that are derived from using the patch on its own, you are also all but guaranteed a permanent increase in the size of your penis. As with anything else some individuals will see more gains than others.

Using exercises or extenders on their own will result in increases in the size of the penis but by combining it with the patch you could get vastly improved results. Extenders and exercises increase penis size by breaking and rebuilding tissue through increase cell division.

The muscle tissue is constantly repaired as it develops and by using penis enlargement patch and pills the increase blood flow created allows for better and quicker repairs of the tissue during the enlargement process. Penis enlargement patch provides just the nourishment that the penis needs for an effective enlargement regime.