Penis Enlargement and Impotence Treatment: Safety Issues

September 25, 2014 by in Men's Sexual Health


Temporary and permanent penis enlargement treatments are sold daily. Numerous types of pills, vacuums, stretching devices, or patches are sold. Complete educational programs are also administered that teach people how to perform penis exercises.

Of course, one main issue that is a concern of men is safety. Safety is important whether it is pertaining to a particular pill ingredient or a whole series of penis enlargement exercises.

Necessary Precautions

Most people trust products that are approved by the FDA. This is not necessarily always an indicator as some herbal solutions that have not been thoroughly researched yet have not yet caused problems for people. However, it is one indicator that a product has been tested for safety.

A warning pertaining to the purchase of a specific “all natural” penis enlargement solution is this: Not all ingredients that are herbal or natural are necessarily safe. Of course, this has been alluded to in the previous paragraph but cannot be emphasized enough.

This is not to say that using an herbal penis enlargement solution is a “bad” decision. It just means that you should always seek out your options before choosing one. Along with that, make sure you do not make your decision based simply on ad hype and deceptive promotional practices.

An even more important safety and precaution tip: In case you ever heard the story about a man whose penis turned black from lack of circulation, remember not to use any equipment not meant for penis exercising. You could injure yourself severely and you may never even be the same again-if you even live to remember the mistake you made!

Treatment and Diagnosis Tips

If you think you are impotent or you are worried about the size of your penis see a doctor. Chances are the problem may be almost entirely psychological. Still, there are rare cases in which a person may actually have a penis that is way too small.

In most cases, after a thorough checkup is made a man is given a treatment path for any condition of impotence. Very rare is the doctor recommendation that a penis needs to be larger.

On the other hand, a man may want his member to be larger and thicker. In most cases, thicker girth is an advantage more so than a longer penis. However, if you as a man have any questions about this your doctor is your best source of help.