Jelqing Penis Enlargement Exercise

Jelqing Penis Enlargement ExerciseJelqing is definitely a penis enlargement exercises attempt in which a man squeezes and strokes his penis in order to force blood flow to the tip, hypothetically extending girth and length. Believed to have its origins in the ancient Middle East, jelqing is frequently called “milking,” which conjures up unwelcome images of milking the cow.

Jelqing works by increasing the level of flow of blood to the penis. As the penis increases, eventual expansion will take place. Outcomes will vary depending on the person, how frequent the workout is performed, variations in the workout, utilization of additional supplements, and a person’s level of tolerance.

Jelqing is not an overnight answer to a man’s common quest to be bigger, longer and better with regards to sexual prowess. Having said that, if performed properly, jelqing is a really safe technique that can certainly make your sexual performance more enjoyable after persistent use of jelqing penis enlargement exercises.

How Does Jelqing Work?

The idea behind jelqing is the fact blood is forced into the male organ tissue and the resulting pressure causes them to grow beyond its normal limits. When this occurs, it stimulates the production of proteins that actually serve to build up the tissue.

Due to the fact jelqing is conducted when the penis is merely tumescent, there ought to be an improved blood flow to the tissues affected. So is this theory valid? No one knows. Science has yet to seriously discover how jelqing impacts on the biomechanics of tissue growth.

And so, does it work? Unfortunately, science has been deplorably remiss in conducting unbiased research within the effectivity of jelqing. The consensus is, however, there is something going on. Just as extenders, certainly no overnight success, and the road to increases needs time to work.

Is Jelqing Safe?

It really depends on how it is done. If jelqing works by boosting pressure on the internal tissues of penis, then it stands to reason that excessively pressure will do damage, bloodstream can burst, tissues may rupture, nerves can possibly detach. In severe cases, scar tissue may form that will actually reduce the penis size.

Given the costs involved, a wise investment in an well established penis enlargement exercises program isn’t bad idea. This is actually the cheapest treatment you can receive or alternatively try and the safest.

What is the Downside of Jelqing?

In addition to the potential for serious injury through overdoing it, the main problem with jelqing is the hassle of it. You must put on lotion and begin pulling on your penis without giving your self an erection. Just as penis traction, you need to commit yourself to a day-to-day effort over a long period of time to get to real results.

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