Jelqing Guide: How to Jelq Properly

how to jelqJelqing, the penis enlargement exercise is absolutely well-known amongst enthusiasts who would like to enlarge the penis. How to jelq? The jelqing penis exercise is performed through having flow of blood to the penis by manual force in order to enhance the volume of blood chambers in penis. If conducted frequently and regularly over a long time, jelqing will permanently increase the blood chambers in one’s penis to create permanent improvements in the size.

How to Jelq? Step by step

Following is the penis jelqing program that most people have had great result with.

Soak a towel in hot (however not scalding) water, twist out the excess water, wrap it around the penis then keep it there for two minutes. Replicate this procedure 3 times or more properly. This will certainly increase blood flow in penis to reduce the potential of physical harm throughout the penis jelq exercise later.

How to jelq? Follow these jelq guide step by steps or simply watch the jelq video instructions so you understand on how to jelq properly.

Before starting the penis jelq, ensure that the penis is not in the completely erect state. Or else you encounter the possibility of damaging the penis, through causing a vein to burst as an instance.

Add some Vaseline drops to the penis and smear it over the entire penis. Do not use soap or the shampoo as lubricating agents or else you might end up with an aching penis.

Create a snug ring around the penis’ base with the index finger and thumb then stroke completely with an upward motion up to the point you touch the penis tip. Do this again with the other hand. Repeat over and over again with one hand after the other. Ensure every stroke last roughly a few seconds.

If ever you then become erect, stop the workout and spank the penis on the thigh to discourage it from fully erecting. You can continue jelqing when the erection stops.

Basic Steps to Jelq Photo Guide

Basic Jelq Step Photo Guide

Within the first week, perform about 200-300 penis jelqs a day using medium intensity. Throughout the second week, perform 300-500 jelqs day-to-day using full strength. After the second week, work minimal 500 or more jelqs daily for as frequently as you fancy with no discomfort whatsoever.

Some caution: be on constant check for any irritation and soreness or any other telltale signs of problems when performing the jelq exercise. Indications of discomfort can include pain, bruises and also blisters. At the early hints of trouble, stop the workout immediately, enforce a 1 to 2 day breather and bear in mind not to do it again till the trouble ends. Even without any ache, you need to take a break from regular penis jelqs exercise, for instance 1 to 2 days off following 5 days of jelqing. By sticking to the jelq exercise explained above continuously, you will achieve noticeable enhancements in penis size within just months or weeks.