Penis Enlargement Devices

Penis Enlargement DeviceTraction devices and other similar techniques have been used with a fair degree of success for many centuries by the wider medical community. The primary focus of these penis enlargement devices is to induce change to various organs and sections of the anatomy during corrective treatment of bodily defects. This principle is also being used in the penis enlargement industry to manipulate the shape and size of the penis to the advantage and suitability of those who use them.

Over the centuries various forms of traction have been used to produce the stretching force that is required to bring about the change in the size of the penis.

With the advent of new technology, researchers have been able to zone in more closely on the mechanics and physiology behind these penis enlargement devices so that they could use the system in a manner that minimizes risk and other adverse side effects.

Some of The Most Popular Penis Enlargement Devices

The use of Hanging Weights

Hanging Weights Penis Enlargement DevicesHanging weights attached to a rope or cord from the penis is perhaps the oldest form of penis enlargement device type enhancement that has ever been used. By suspending weights from the penis a stretching force is created which is directly applied to the penile tissue and over time causes a gradual increase in the length of the penis. Hanging is primarily aimed at elongating the penile shaft but in some instances there may also be increases in girth associated with this method.

The use of weights to lengthen the penis is one of those time-based methods which normally requires a great deal of patience and an intimate knowledge of the penis in order to see results. It was not unusual to find that in ancient times individuals would practice this system of enlargement for periods in excess of twenty years. Today hanging is less common but in cases where it is practiced this is usually done in conjunction with other modern methods of penis enhancement.

The hanging weight device in usually home-made and built using mostly gadgets that can be found around the house or in a local department store. Due to the unscientific and usually uninformed manner in which these penis enlargement devices are constructed you often find that there are inherent dangers associated with their use. Some of the best devices allow for easy adjustments in the tension that is created from the hanging weights.

It is possible to cause serious damage to the penis if you are not familiar with how to properly use the hanging weights. Improper use could result in lesions, loss of sensation and even erectile problems.

The use of Penis Extenders

Penis ExtendersThe use of extenders as a penis enlargement device has taken up a life of its own in recent times. With new technology and a more innovative approach, researchers have developed better and safer means of exerting a stretching force on the penis. Similar to the principle of the hanging weights, this force is what brings about the change to the size of the penis.

Though extenders are mostly known for their lengthening ability many of the top-rated ones have been adapted to provide gains in overall girth. Although penis enlargement extenders are rather effective at bringing about increase size to the penis it perhaps the most expensive after enlargement surgery.

Penis Pumps

Penis PumpsAlthough it is still quite common to find penis pumps promoted as penis enlargement devices their overall effectiveness in actually increasing the size of the penis leaves much to be desired. Through the vacuum action of the pump the penis becomes engorged with blood and increases in size. The limitation with pumps stems from the fact that this “enlargement” is only temporary and soon after pumping is ceased the penis reverts to its original size. Although pumps may not be the most effective enlargement devices individuals worldwide have found them to be quite useful for other related purposes.

In this modern age of penis enlargement, devices such as extenders play a most crucial role in bringing about effective size gains to the penis. Some of the best penis enlargement devices have been created to provide a fair degree of comfort to the user since it is usually required that these be worn over an extended period of time. Improper use and application of penis enlargement devices could result in serious and permanent damage to the penis. In light of this much focus is also placed on safety and individuals should ensure that they have proper instruction manuals so that they could avoid potential problems.