Penis Enlargement Challenges and Product Reviews

September 11, 2014 by in Product Reviews

Challenges and Product Reviews

So much is involved in trying to find an effective penis enlargement method. Part of the problem in searching for a way to increase this very special member of a man’s body is in excess false information printed.

I mean, if you really think about it anyone can say “we have the best product” or “ours really works, and no one else has a product that is effective.” However, when it really comes down to it how does a man really know what to choose?

This article is both about the challenges of seeking the right solution as well as reviews of popular products. Keep in mind that no matter what you are always on your own when choosing the right product. However, hopefully this heart-to-heart informative article will open your eyes.


Seeking an effective penis enlargement solution is like trying to find a small diamond in a haystack. Is there even one that works? Then, on top of all that how does one get past all the other challenges and obstacles? If you do not know what I mean just take a look below at all the challenges of seeking a way to enhance male genitalia:

  • The stigma: This includes a variety of stereotypes both regarding having a small penis as well as needing to use a male enhancement product. A man who needs help in this regard is thought to be not “man enough.” This is not fair to him because everyone is different and no one should be regarded as any “less of a man.”
  • The price: Even if certain prescription or non-prescription methods of penis enlargement actually do work they may cost too much. This then leaves men who are concerned about the size of their penis with fewer choices.
  • Too many (poor) choices: Regarding the number of products available, the vast number of choices is hardly helpful. The reason why is because there are too many bad products/equipment out there. This makes it even more confusing when attempting to find a solution that works.
  • The time it takes: Often the time spent trying to increase the size of the penis is a waste of time. No man has enough time in the day to dedicate to using useless, ineffective products or apparatuses. Perhaps he would rather almost just masturbate for the rest of his life!

Decisions, Decisions, (To Name Two Below)

  1. SizeGenetics (Medical Device) Who knows if this will really work unless a man actually tries it! This device is meant to replace the penis pump that men used to employ for this purpose. It seems to be helpful for those who have suffered penile disorders, but it also is mean to be a way to extend male genitalia. This piece of equipment is doctor certified and has supposedly shown some satisfactory results, but it is very new.
  2. MaleExtra (Pill) If you can get past the annoying commercials and ads, this product might actually have some benefit. It includes a variety of safe ingredients. It is mean to help increase sex drive, improve stamina, and stimulate blood flow that helps enlarge the penis. It is hard to find actual evidence that it works, but they do offer a trial size that is not that expensive so you would not be out much if it did not help.