Penis Enlargement 101

October 20, 2016 by in Articles


Penis enlargement is a term that covers all the various devices, products and procedures that can be used in order to increase the size of the penis in men who desire so. As long as this increase in size is not required as a medical procedure (like in cases of micropenis that makes the penis less than perfectly operational), we are talking about penis enlargement for cosmetic and in fact not so cosmetic purposes.

Penis enlargement is one of those terms that you will encounter often, especially online where it seems that every other spam email is about penis enlargement. The reason for this is that penis enlargement is something many men think about and which a great number actually starts exploring and researching.

Penis enlargement can be seen as the wish to have a bigger penis either to increase the levels of self confidence in certain men or simply because their penis might be below average in size and they might wish to do something about it. Other men do it because they want to be more effective in bed and because they wish to have more to work with. Whatever the reason might be, it is a simple fact that most men would welcome an inch or two.

There are numerous options for men who are looking into penis enlargement and perhaps the oldest of these are penis exercises. Over the centuries, there have been innumerable exercise regimens developed and the biggest issue is that none of these have ever been developed by medical professionals who would actually know what can and cannot be done with the penis. As a result, the vast majority of these exercise programs are both ineffective and more troubling, very unsafe.

Penis enlargement products such as various extracts and natural remedies have also been used for centuries and in the past, these used to be majorly ineffective. The good news is that natural medicine has progressed extremely well and that there are now innumerable experts doing their work in formulating new supplements that can be used to increase the size of the penis.

This has resulted in quite a few of these supplements actually showing promise and showing results, especially if the man is determined to follow with the program.

Penis enlargement surgery has been done for decades and these days, you can easily find a surgeon that will be ready to perform this kind of surgery solely for the purposes of penis enlargement. Still, it needs to be said that this type of penis enlargement is very expensive and that the costs are actually quite astronomical. The health insurance will not cover for these procedures. Also, there are always risks that are associated with any type of surgery, penis enlargement surgery included. Finally, the results are limited and, for most part, less than dramatic.

There are also some other, less commonly used products and procedures that are used, such as using weights or penis pumps to increase the size of the penis. It needs to be pointed out that these are both ineffective and also very dangerous as it is extremely easy to damage your penis and to turn it dysfunctional this way.

Finally, we would like to tell you something about penis extenders. The devices have been around for less than two decades and they have already become most talked about penis enlargement products out there. This had to do with the extremely high level of efficacy that these devices show as well as with their safety that is unprecedented. If we had to recommend one of these options, these would be penis extenders.

It needs to be said that, apart from penis enlargement surgery, all of the options that will have any effect take time. Namely, both the penis extenders and supplements will require relatively long periods of time to work and it is because of this mild and non-aggressive way in which they work that they are so safe and effective.

In short, there are penis enlargement options that will work. You only need to research them and find out everything you can about which of them might suit you best and work best for you.