Overview of Phalloplasty (Penis Enlargement Surgery)

September 18, 2014 by in Product Reviews

Penis Enlargement Surgery

Phalloplasty is a type of penis enlargement surgery. The objective of it is to increase the length and girth (thickness) of the penis. The lengthening portion of this procedure first was discovered and implemented in the 1980s. It was first administered to boys who were born with a rare defect, which caused them to develop a “micropenis.”

By the way, a micropenis is one that measures less than 6cm when erect, and lengthening surgeries correct it. This was done by way of releasing the ligament that attached the penis to the pubic bone. This cause an extension of a little over 2cm.

This particular surgical method continued to be improved throughout the 1980s. By the end of this decade, much advancement had been made-some of the most significant were by a Chinese doctor.

Strides were also made during this time to improve the thickness of a penis. Some of the first advancements regarding this portion of phalloplasty occurred in Miami, Florida.

This was a time and place in which a procedure called “lipo sculpture” was first being implemented. This involved the filling of a penis with fatty tissue derived from the patient’s own body. This method is also referred to as Free Fat Transfer.

This type of thickening surgery is known for its very high success rates. Another thickening procedure used nowadays is called “tissue grafting” (dermal matrix grafts). This procedure produces an outcome similar to the formerly- described Free Fat Transfer.

Candidates of Phalloplasty

Just about anyone who is concerned about the length of his male member is a candidate. However, this procedure is mostly applied to men with a severe problem in this area-such as those with a micropenis as described earlier.
Sometimes this procedure is administered on men who have been affected by a severe illness or accident. It also offered to certain individuals seeking gender reassignment options.