Why Men Feel Self-Conscious about Penis Size

September 17, 2014 by in Articles

Self-Conscious about Penis Size

The main reason men feel self-conscious about penis size is because many cultures seem to place a high priority on men with a bigger endowment However, shockingly this is more of a men’s issue than a woman’s issue.

Oftentimes for a woman the main concern is how long a man can stay erect. Likewise, they may be more concerned about the girth (width) of it than the length. Therefore, for the most part most men need not worry about length.

So, does this mean that a man is wrong for wanting to be bigger “down there?”

This is a very personal matter. If a man would feel better about being bigger down there-and if there is truly a way to make that happen-then it probably could not hurt.

However, not all methods are going to work the same way on any one individual. If you are a man, you should be very cautious as not all products or devices are safe for use.

Before you commit to any penis enlargement program you should consult a professional. More often than not the matter is more of a psychological one-of self esteem.

However, any manner that a man can stay erect is usually beneficial to both him as well as his significant other. Therefore, he is not necessarily wrong in pursuing help in this area. He just needs to be safe about it.