Male Extra Review: Natural Way to Improve Sexual Performance

male extra review

male extra logoWould you like bigger, harder erections and more intense orgasm? Are you looking for natural alternative to Viagra? Today dreams of millions have come true through technological breakthrough of Male Extra. Male Extra is a cutting-edge, herbal and safe male enhancement supplement this is certainly step ahead from similar male enhancement products available so far. 

When we are younger, the penile erection is natural and strong. However, as the times pass by, there are many factors affect the strength and length of penis. This could possibly consist of age, busy lifestyle, and weaker affinity towards the partner because of behavioral reasons, medical problems and many other more. Also being a sensitive topic for discussion, people avoid due to discomfort as well as possible embarrassment. Having said that, this issue has severe effects on men, in their everyday lives.

unstable sex life

Testosterone hormone is a major part of male reproductive system for stimulating the semen production. Low testosterone level is a problem that many men confront at some point in their lives.

A man’s testosterone level peaks at 20 then gradually declines from that point onward.  A problematic decrease is along with a decline in sex drive and also a decline in physical strength, stamina and energy.

Male Extra male enhancement supplement can help your reproductive. It will re-invigorate the flow of hormones, enhances testosterone and additionally boost the production of sperm. Amongst the advantages experience are; increase in sex drive, longer lasting erections, improvement in penis size and orgasm control.

What is Male Extra

Developed based upon scientific research and over ten years experience in the male reproductive health industry, Male Extra male enhancement supplement has been made by using organic ingredients that are proven to enhance sexual health and performance. Since the supplements are made from entirely natural organic ingredients Male Extra has no negative side effects.

Dr Alfred HasselbacherDr Alfred Hasselbacher, scientist from Nauka University & Research Centre described: “Through research at NAUKA University and Research Center, we have discovered that Male Extra utilizes herbal ingredients that are proven to improve nitric oxide levels resulting in more flow of blood to the penis. For men seeking harder erections and enhanced sexual performance, the improvement of nitric oxide levels is very important.”

“We have added 600mg of L-Arginine as the main ingredient. L-Arginine, along with 100 clinical studies accomplished, definitely will assist to ensure that you obtain the outcomes you want!”

“Based upon our research, we have added Pomegranate 40% ellagic per daily serving which is certainly proven to improve erection hardness and help with erection problems, Pomegranate is natural alternative to Viagra. Male Extra safely optimized the maximum dose of each compound to ensure that you obtain effective and immediate results!”

Together with Pomegranates and L-Arginine, Male Extra also consists of:

  • Methyl Sulfonyl Methane(MSM), feature to overall penis health. When there are MSM deficience, new cells can be weak, rigid or even deformed.
  • Creatine, to assists the energy production required for muscle contraction and expansion, allowing the level of your body’s energy to stay high.
  • Cordyceps, to increase sexual energy and desire.
  • Zinc, for sperm health. Also protecting sperm free radical attack.

Pomegranates, the Natural Viagra

Pomegranates the Natural ViagraPomegranates are among the oldest fruits consumed, it is also known as natural viagra. Babylonians believed chewing the Pomegranates seeds before battle made them unbeatable. We do not know about “unbeatable,” but pomegranates feature ellagitannins, amazing anti-oxidant polyphenolic compounds.

The deep red seeds of pomegranate fruit are a source of a effective anti-oxidant often known as ellagic acid. It’s excellent for cardiovascular and liver health, this effective and natural ingredient is remarkably effective at protecting cells throughout our body against the harmful effects of free radicals that generated by environmental toxins.

‘Viagra effect’ from pomegranate as research shows it enhances libido. The research, by researchers from Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, engaged 58 research volunteers aged 21 to 64 discover men and women who consumed a daily glass of pomegranate juice for fourteen days had a surge in the hormone testosterone, which boosts sexual desire in both genders. The Pomegranate is definitely a natural viagra. (Read more about Pomegranate the Natural Viagra report in Dailymail)

How Does Male Extra Work?

how male extra works

Male Extra special combination will enlarge the size of the penis when erect, between 0.8 – 2.6 inches within three to six months. Furthermore, it increases sexual desire, give you better control over the erections and provide you with more intense orgasms.

Along with improved erection and orgasm quality there absolutely is no other male enhancement supplement out there like Male Extra. By taking three pills a day, the supplement provides your body with all the nutrients you need to have bigger, harder, more intense erections and orgasms.

With these phenomenal benefits, Male Extra offers a different lifestyle to those people who are frustrated with their sex-lives. Intercourse commenced with shorter penis and lesser erection results in both early ejaculation and leads to loss of self-esteem. Morbid side to the story if it continues. It leads to a very intolerable marital life and can initiate to revoke. Thus, a little problem becomes a severe predicament almost impossible to fix!

A strong and harder erection does play an important role in exploring the intimate pleasures to a new level. Both the partners do enjoy sexual activity and so the emotional bond between the two becomes stronger. Male Extra does contribute a huge share in restoring your penis architecture. The completely new experience will be an unforgettable memorabilia.

Male Extra Benefits: from Conceiving Baby to Erectile Dysfunction

Male Extra male supplement simultaneously works on many aspects addressing enhancements. A complete system of re-enforcement works vitally on metabolism and advances the hormone balance. The blood flow to the penis is improved, the muscular tone is rectified which leads to improved cupidity of sex. The sperm production is rectified. The harder penile erection is blessed by longer stamina levels to explore multiple orgasms. The behemoth urge of sexual intercourse results in a healthy sexual life.

Another essential aspect is the shortcoming of conceiving baby. As a result of inadequate penile erection, strength and also poor semen flow, the chances of conceiving a child will be trivial. Male Extra gives you the required stamina, strength, and extra length. The semen is enhanced with improved orgasm. All this, sum up for high hope in infertile couples to have a baby.

The erectile dysfunction (ED) as termed in medical language is definitely improper functioning of penis. Natural male enhancement reviews helps us to find out the options available for this serious issue precisely. Using the natural products is definitely preferred by people to avoid unintended side effects.

Ultimately the natural Viagra oriented fruits like Pomegranate, found in Male Extra helps deliver outstanding performance to refine the ED. The extra size, length, long lasting pleasure plus more intense orgasms are essentials of a very satisfactory sex-life.

satisfied sex-life

If you purchase Male Extra now, you will get free bonus gift, Performer 5. It’s known as the best and natural semen enhancer pill. When used together, you’ll experience harder and longer erections, increased sperm production, an enormous improve in stamina and libido.

The shipping is free of charge and Male Extra is delivered in discrete packaging. In case you buy the product then you’re not satisfied with it? If you’re unhappy with the product, the Male Extra will give you back what you paid for i. It’s backed with a “no hassle 60 day money back guarantee”.


Male Extra is a revolutionary male enhancement supplement, proven to increase stamina, support an even more solid and longer lasting penile erection, increase penis size, and improve ejaculation. This product was based on scientific research and clinical studies over ten year in the male reproductive health, and it meets the requirement for manufacturing standards.


  • A bit pricey
  • Not come with penis enlargement exercises for permanent enlargement result
  • Only enlarge the size of the penis when erect


  • Herbal, 100% natural ingredients
  • Have bigger, harder, more intense erections
  • Improve libido and sexual performance
  • Enjoy all-night staying power
  • Delight your spouse with more virility
  • Drug-free, no side effects
  • Backed with a “no hassle 60 day money back guarantee”.

Price: $62.95 for 1 Month Supply (as reviewed)

Male Extra is delivered with discrete packaging, including bonuses. The company are on hand to answer your every questions and they are available 24/7 to support customers.

MaleExtra Review