Link Between Height and Penis Size

November 6, 2013 by in Articles

penis size

You’ve just stumbled upon one of the oldest and most widespread myths about the penis. While you can roughly guess the size of a woman’s breasts with clothing on, the size of a man’s penis is virtually impossible to determine without looking at it, and looking at it with an erection.

Sure there are the tight pants many men use to show off their “package” with a bulging crotch, but even then it’s hard to determine what a man’s size is in the bedroom. And there’s no way to tell whether it will get hard, and stay hard. 

Many people are convinced penis size is connected to the size or shape of other body parts. How many times have you heard someone compare it to feet, or hands, even noses or ears? Rest assured it’s not true.

Penis Size and Myth

The British Journal of Urology International published a study conducted on 104 men whose feet sizes ranged from 8 to 13. What the researchers found is that there is no correlation between the size of the male foot and the size of the male penis .

This study did not focus on height as a way of determining penis size, but it’s a fact that penis size does not follow the same rules as bones and muscles, which have to match the overall height in order to sustain body weight and maintain the erect posture. In other words the penis is not proportionate to any other body part.

Like the ears and nose, the penis is not influenced by body height. But it’s true the penis is effected by your genes. So yes some families have larger penises that others. That’s because in the womb, genes determine the size of everything in your body, but the proportions are not related to each other. So, there is no direct correlation between the limbs and penis size.

As a man’s body develops through childhood and puberty. It’s controlled by a large number of genes and hormones and it is unlikely the size of two different body parts would be controlled by the same gene or hormonal effect. Myths about penis size have always been around and likely will not soon vanish from our beliefs. That’s where scientists come in to disprove those myths once and for all.