Should We be Happy with Average Penis Size?

November 6, 2013 by in Articles

Average Penis Size

The average penis size is a lot smaller than most of us would like, given the choice. As medical advances begin to offer proven enlargement methods, should we be happy to stick with what we’ve got?

Unless you’re lucky enough to be hung like a horse, the chances are that at some point you’ve wondered whether your penis size is big enough. 

If your penis size has never caused you any real problems then you probably brushed these worries aside. After all, there are plenty of comforting answers to that most difficult question, ‘Is my dick too small?’

Average Penis Size Doesn’t Matter

For starters, as long as you use your other bedroom talents to good effect, most girls will tell you that size doesn’t  matter. They might even actually mean it. If you’ve ever been out with a girl with small breasts, you’ll know how pert and  sexy they can be.

Does that stop you wishing they were bigger? Probably not.

Then there are the statistics about what ‘average’ really is. According to just about every study out there, the average  erect penis stands at five and a half inches, which sounds pretty unimpressive. It’s certainly nothing like the size of the  dicks on male porn stars. But that’s OK, because most other men are in the same boat as you.

It might not always seem that way. The locker room experience of looking around the shower room and then down at your own little man with a new sense of inadequacy is well documented. But psychologists tell us that this is partly an optical illusion, and partly due to our own insecurities. Your dick isn’t really smaller than everyone else’s – you only think it  is.

Technological advances

So is it OK to be average? ‘It’s not what you’ve got, it’s what you do with it that counts,’ say many girls and defensive  guys. And in times past, that was the only option available.

But with recent advances made in penis enlargement, perhaps this is no longer the case. Clinical trials have proven the  effectiveness of some new extender devices, such as the traction-based SizeGenetics system. Tests have shown that the device really can turn those five and a half inches into six, or even seven.

To a lesser degree, surgery can also offer an extra inch in length or girth, albeit at great expense.

The power to choose?

As technology moves on, it may be that we have increasing control over penis size. A big dick could become a status symbol,  like a flashy car or a big house. All of which raises the question: do you really need to stay average?

Average penis size is of course OK. It’s what most people are. But being ordinary isn’t something to hide behind. If you have the power to choose, then shouldn’t you use it?

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