Function and Role of Penis Stretching Devices

September 23, 2014 by in Product Reviews

Penis Stretching Devices

If you are looking for a practical way to enlarge your penis, you might be wondering how exactly a penis device works. You may also wonder what the role of it is.

Penis Stretching Devices Function

A penis-stretching device is sometimes known as a traction device. It is designed to enlarge the penis without using surgery.

Penis stretching devices work by stretching penis tissue over an extended period. During this process, it is this inner tissue of the penis, which is stretched out and adjusts while being worked with a penis-stretching device.

This stretching method is often called “traction” because it uses a certain type of tension that is achieved in a variety of ways. One of these would be by way of a pulley, weight, or similar device. This type of traction is often used for treating muscles, bones, and skin that has been deformed.

Penis Stretching Devices Role

Penis stretching devices such as SizeGenetics were originally designed by medical professionals and used to treat issues involved curvature of the penis (Peyronie’s disease). They also were meant to be used for post-operation exercises to help the patient recover much faster after surgery.

It was not until later when new clinical trials were conducted when it was learned that this device worked just as well on patients who have not been operated on. These types of devices are known for their ability to engorge the penis and help a man achieve a longer, harder erection.

Expected Results

There are many different types of penis stretching/traction devices. They all work a little bit differently, too. They are designed to improve the size of a man’s most prized member.

Users can (depending upon method used) expect permanent results if a stretching routine is done on a regular basis. Men have reported an average of two to three inches within about six months.

Of course, it depends upon the person using it. One main factor is in whether or not a specific penis-stretching device is used correctly. All men should be careful and follow the instructions.


Stretching devices some in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they have a vacuum function to further help with this process. They are often made of hard plastic or rubber materials.

Another type is made from metal bars of different lengths, which have a weight on the end of them. This is one natural way of adjusting a man’s member. As you are now aware, men have many options when trying to improve their endowment.