Five Penis Enlargement Myths Dispelled

September 27, 2014 by in Articles

Five Penis Enlargement Myths

Many men are swiftly getting sick and tired of the hundreds of anonymous e-mails they get every day about the newest penis enlargement methods. Whether it is a pill, cream, or device that companies are selling and they want your money. However, is it even worth it?

Five Penis Enlargement Myths

Myth #1-Products are sold based on scientific fact.

It would be nice if this were the case. However there is no truth or science behind most of the claims made about penis enlargement methods. It is said that companies think that companies can sell anything to anyone, and often they do without proving it is safe. Wild claims are made with great consequences to consumer but little consequences to advertisers and manufacturers at least sometimes.

Myth #2-Penis enlargement ads are true.

About 90% or better of the penis enlargement creams, patches, devices, or equipment used today are sold using emotionally-charging promotional tactics. This causes nothing but great financial disappointment and emotional distress in men. The untruth in advertisement is also not typically based on scientific research. It may be for certain products, remedies, and equipment but not for others.

Myth #3-All penis enlargement methods are safe.

It would be nice of this myth was true most of all. However, many of the products and equipment sold today are not even approved by the FDA. A company can make a fortune if they have the right words to use to tell a man he can have a bigger penis. what a great way to give a man false hopes, as most of the time this solution is NOT permanent.

Myth #4-Pens enlargement is permanent when using products/equipment.

What better way to trick men than to find a way to appeal to his senses. A man may sometimes have a larger penis while erect in most cases, but there are penis enlargement systems that provide permanent results.

Myth #5-A larger penis means more happiness.

This is one of the number one untruths circulated today. The advertising media wants people to think that men with bigger penises must be happier, and that they are more successful. The truth is most men have a “Johnson” that is between 5 to 6 inches. There is nothing wrong with trying to have a bigger organ. However, do not let this process consume you.

Conclusion (Choose Carefully)

You need to be very careful what penis enlargement methods you use. Furthermore, most of the time you just end up wasting your money. Talk to a doctor about this if you need more information and be safe when choosing a male enhancement product or method.