Penis Enlargement FAQ

Penis Enlargement FAQ

Many questions are asked by both males and females regarding this very private matter. These range from how to enlarge the penis to how to bring up this subject without hurting a man’s feelings. However, when the issue regarding this very important sexual organ is brought up it can enhance any couple’s sexual experience.

Important Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Penis Enlargement:

Are penis enlargement products safe?

This is a very vague question, but one that deserves an answer nonetheless. The response to this very important concern is simply this: It depends upon how it is made. It is up to each individual to sift through all the advice and tips regarding this matter to draw their own conclusion. Beware that the best advice is hard to come by and must be sought from unbiased sources (not via reviews written by companies marketing products).

How does one determine safety and effectiveness of a penis enlargement product?

Of course, many people would feel most safe using a product approved by the FDA. However, of course the availability of these types of products may be limited. That does not mean they are not out there, but that instead a person might need to rely on consumer reports or private research to determine safety and effectiveness.

Is it ethical to try to enlarge my penis (or to encourage my partner to do so)?

This is a very personal question that only you and/or your partner can answer. It depends largely about how a man feels about himself in most cases-more so than it does concern a woman.  A larger penis is a fantasy of many significant others, however. Partners in a mature living relationship are most able to talk about this issue openly, which can help improve the sex life of that couple.

Can you really increase the size of this part of the male body?

Some procedures and products may work. However, be careful as many items sold for this purpose have not been tested as either safe or effective. Mostly people rely on reports about the personal experiences of others in this regard-and this factual evidence is limited. However, you can truly find reports indicated that some penis enlargement programs do work.

How can the penis be enlarged?

The best success is most likely with the use of mechanical pumps, rubber bands, and supplements that encouraged increased blood flow. This improved circulation in the male genital area is what is most responsible for an erection. However, beware that most of these products and methods of enhancing this part of the male body are very new.

How do I address these concerns with the man in my life (regarding male enhancement)?
I am glad you brought that up. Probably one of the biggest insults to a man is if you put down his “manhood.” The best way to address this issue if it concerns you as a partner is to somehow make a way to address it as his idea. You might want to see a sex therapist and/or invite your partner if you need more advice concerning this matter.

**Check back regularly to read more facts about penis size, a very common concern among men and women.**