Does Size Matter?

September 22, 2014 by in Articles


Claudia is married, lives in New York, works as an executive assistant, and for a couple of years has been living what she calls a “double life.” “I’ve always had problems with my husband’s penis size,” she confesses. “My former sexual partner had it thicker and, to tell you the truth, I really felt the difference. A couple of year ago, a friend of mine lend me her dildo and since then I’ve been living a double life, masturbating while playing with my toy without my husband knowing anything. Right after we’re done having sex, I go to the bathroom to ‘freshen up’ and then I pleasure myself. I can’t help it and even though I sometimes feel guilty I do need to feel complete inside.”

Claudia’s case is probably something extreme. After more thorough researches, however, we have to give in to the evidence: penis size is a frequent subject in the minds of men and women alike.

During this research, we have found different perspectives concerning this problem, which allow us to no draw some important conclusions.

First of all, it is important to mention that practically every man dwells upon this subject, even though most of them agree that what matters is how the sexual encounter goes and how well a man knows exactly what to do with what they have. “I’m thankful I have an average-sized penis, but I don’t believe size matters because there are other factors that influence the pleasure a woman feels, such as how creative and unselfish her lover is,” Jorge explains.

The unfortunate to many men is that almost all of our female interviewees acknowledged that size does matter, even though answers differ when it concern how big it must be and how important it really is.

Keep you cool! Only a small number of women think that penis size is extremely crucial. Julia, 23 year old, represents this group. “I met this great guy, we went out several times, and I was really falling for him,” she says. “Then the time came for us to sleep together, but when I noticed he had the smallest penis I had ever seen, I couldn’t go on with it. It was a turn off, then I told him I wasn’t feeling well and left the room,” she recalls.

“I’m sorry to say that, guys, but size does matter. The problem is that women tend to keep quiet about it. We’ll still feel pleasure, but the truth is that we don’t like it small.”

Clara, a young career woman living in Los Angeles, also defends the theory. “Unfortunately, I have to say that SIZE DOES MATTER, but I want to explain it without hurting anyone’s feelings,” she says.

“First of all, I have to make it clear that it doesn’t have anything to do with personal relationship. A guy can be madly in love with a girl that has small breasts, and the same thing happens when a women falls in love with a guy with a small penis,” she compares.

Anyway, when we’re talking about pleasure nobody can deny that men are attracted to women who have bigger breasts and a nice booty. Women, the same way, fantasize about gifted men.

“Personally, I think that there are many factors that determine a more or less intense pleasure: how hard the penis gets, how we touch one another, the rhythm, and many other things, among which is the size of the penis. My best relationship were those with large-size guys, especially with my current boyfriend. However, I’m not with him because of his gift, but because of who he is.

Its a nutshell, size is not the most important thing a relationship, but it’s sincerely what most women, including my friends and acquaintances, wish from an ideal partner: a thick and long penis.”

Fortunately many men and most women agree that size matters, but it is only one of the several determining factors for a satisfying sexual life, such as touching, being attentive and attractive, and caring about your partner.

A Problem with History

During the seventies, American entomologist Alfred Kinsey published his famous essay n human sexuality. His surveys brought to light some revealing conclusions, such as the surprising amount of women who confessed they masturbated very often and, most importantly, that 73% of female interviewees admitted they prefer a thicker and bigger penis. Years after this essay was published, penis size remains a touchy subject and still keeps several men awake at night, especially those who were not benefited with a bigger “blessing” from the Maker.

Jeremy, a student in London, told us about his case. “I’ve always been intrigued by the sex life my current partner had before we met, so I encouraged her to talk about her previous experiences by convincing her that it turned me on,” he explains. “I haven’t been myself lately since she described her ex-boyfriend’s penis and how it made her cum.”

The truth is that only the upper 2/3 of the vagina has an important sensitivity and the clitoris -the main source of sensations for women during intercourse- resorts to this upper part, also known as the ‘roof’ of the vaginal cavity, inside which any penis with reasonable measures is able to properly stimulate a woman and allow her to reach an orgasm. Also, a thicker penis is just as important -if not more important- that a large penis. Well, it seems that there’s more to this issue that simply cold factual science.

Once and for all: Does Size Matter?

Undeniably, for both men and women penis size is important nowadays, especially for the contemporary woman who is independent and very sure of herself, who speaks up and tells exactly what she wants and what she doesn’t want from a man in bed.

For men, it’s not about giving more or less pleasure; it’s about providing his manhood and backing up his self-esteem. For women, it’s about how a large penis makes them feel more like a woman; rather, it’s about how manly a man is to make woman feel more like a woman.