Differences between Men and Women Regarding Penis Size

September 10, 2014 by in Articles

Women Regarding Penis SizeSome studies have helped get to the bottom of what men and women really think about penis size. As it turns out upon completion of one research, a considerably larger percentage of men than women are more concerned about the size of the penis.

Therefore, in most cases it is about the man and how he feels about himself. It’s not that women sometimes do not wish it could be bigger but it seems to be more of a concern in men overall than in women.

Statistics Concerning Penis Size

One study that was based on 60 years of research indicates that 85% of women are satisfied with the size of their partner’s penis. On the contrary, only about 55% of men are happy with themselves in this area.

This alone shows the possibility that insecurities about the size of the penis is more of a male concern than a female concern. This partly helps dispel the myth about what women really want in a man as far as this part of the body is concerned.

However, it only answers one part of the age-old old question concerning this part of the body. When it comes to sex and a man’s penis, what does a woman really want? (Also Read: “Perfect Penis Size that Women Prefer“)

The same 60-year-old study that revealed men’s concerns also helped shine a light on women’s true concerned. About 90% of women who participated in these evaluations are more concerned about the width of the penis rather than the length.

Besides that, the level of attractiveness to a man that a woman has which is influenced by a variety of factors makes a huge difference. For instance, a woman is generally more inclined to enjoy a man’s performance in bed if he cleans himself up and grooms himself well-especially “down there.”

Furthermore, a woman is also likely to enjoy sex with a man if she likes his personality. This is probably because of the fact that women (and even some men) are unable to separate sex from emotions.

When you think about it, reports of research findings mentioned above not only reveal the misconceptions concerning penis size, but also much more than that. They also help dispel myths concerning what “good sex” really is in general.

The answer to that question may be explored at a later date. However, one could probably guess that “good sex” is much more possible between two people that actually have feelings for one another.