Dangerous Penis Enlargement Attempt Gone BAD!

September 22, 2014 by in Articles, Men's Sexual Health

Dangerous Penis EnlargementIf you must enlarge your penis, make sure you are safe about it. Do not do what this guy did-stuck his member into the hole of a dumbbell weight fastener. BAD idea this was, and VERY dangerous!

First, this is a home remedy and not at all a method of penis enlargement endorsed by medical professionals. Second, the sound if it (no offense to the user) is that the person was just plain old not thinking with the right head.

He had done this two to three days in a row (or was it for two or three days straight? Who knows?!) Anyway, among all the products and apparatuses marketed for this purpose, it is beyond the comprehension of medical professionals why he chose this route!

The real Problem (Almost Lost his Penis for one!)

Basically, his “thing” was stuck to the device and he was rushed to the hospital. This of course in the end did not turn out to be worth the cost. If only he had realized there were other solutions that would cost far less than an emergency room visit!

If only he knew (and how he could not I will never know) that even if he just sought a safe, approved temporary solution that would make him erect long enough to please his woman. However, apparently he took matters into his own hands-literally and suffered very dangerous, costly consequences.

What you heard so far was not even the worst of it. He had actually almost lost “it” completely by doing this!

Furthermore…His genital organ swelled profusely and the ring he used cut off circulation to the point that “it” was blackened. This was one of the most scary parts of this story.

This is an extreme situation, but is one in which a man needs to his research before attempting to think with his little head. However, that is not even the end of this dramatic scenario.

The worst of the worst part of this story is this: The man almost refused treatment (and I am guessing because he was a cheapskate who did not care about his life.) Of course, psychiatric evaluations were later done on him because he did definitely did not seem to be “all there.”

However, even the average person could have made a mistake like this at least up until the point of not wanting to receive emergency treatment. Therefore, anyone reading this should be extremely careful about measures taken to improve this very important and treasured reproductive organ!

Safer Alternatives

Many natural creams as well as some prescription remedies and devices are used to enhance the male member. Capsules and pills are also available for men who simply want to remain erect for longer periods.