A Brief Penis Enlargement Clamp Guide

September 30, 2014 by in Articles

Penis clamping is a penis enlargement technique based on the constriction of a man’s organ. This device is worn and used in a very similar way that a ’cock ring’ is worn.

Some Options

penis-clampThe clamp and the ‘cock ring’ are words that are often used synonymously. With that in mind various male enhancement objects exist along these lines.

Some recommendations and referrals are mentioned below, just so you know. It does not mean that that writer of this article or the owner of the website endorses any one particular penis enlargement clamp product.

With that in mind, one suggestion is made. Excels is known as the world’s most advanced cock ring. It boasts unmatched intensity with a new high-bar for safety built into its design.

This one is considered quite a huge advancement. It is considered to be far more advanced than others that came before it.

In the past, what could be accomplished with a ring like the one mentioned above could not be accomplished with an old-fashioned cock ring. Often they were too soft and too ineffective.

Furthermore, the hard circle rings were never focused enough to build up required pressure. Another option though would be the hose clamps or cable clamps. However, these often were very risky.

These options are being presented because choosing the right hardware is what heightens safety. In some cases, penis enlargement clamps or rings can be designed tailored to a man’s specific male anatomy.

In any case, the clamp you choose for your penis should be one that is easy to apply and easy to disassemble. It also should be one that is the right size for you.


The penis enlargement clamp can prevent blood from flowing out of the penis while still allowing limited inflow. If this is achieved a tremendous amount of pressure will be built up in the penis.

Clamping Exercises

The clamping exercises you would use with a penis enlargement ring are relatively simple. This exercise starts by using your hand to stimulate your penis to at least a 90% erection.

(Or you can start at a half erection and put the clamp on and build up to a full erection.) After you have achieved desired level of erection you should then wrap the base of your penis with a small amount of cloth material.)

Perform some Kegel/PC muscle squeezes much like the ones you do when you try to stop your urine flow while using the bathroom. Leave the clamp on for five to ten minutes.