Is Bigger Penis Really Better?

September 6, 2014 by in Articles

bigger penis

No, bigger penis is not necessarily better. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with having a big penis, in fact, that would be most ideal for all of us men. First impressions are usually lasting impressions and being well equipped goes a long way with the ladies. But some men feel that having a bigger penis will address all of our issues; they cannot be more wrong than that. 

Here is something to consider. Perhaps this isn’t the best forum for this but sex at the level where emotions more than physical attraction dominate will yield the greatest satisfaction; and penis size (small or big) is a non-issue in such instances.

Why is that so? Because sex starts in the mind and most of it takes place there. Not in the genital area as many of us would like to think. That is the reason why it is important that we have the proper mindset when it comes to our approach to our penis size and the overall impression of the sexual experience.

Now we see that penis enlargement might not necessarily be the answer but what exactly is its role in male sexuality?

Let us look at the flip side of the coin. Does size matter? You bet it does! Don’t let anybody fool you into believing otherwise. While having a bigger penis won’t make you a better lover, let us consider the following scenario. You have 2 men who are just as capable in bed and there is no difference between them except for one thing. One has a 6 inch long and 5 inch girth penis while the other (bigger penis) has a 9 inch long and 6 inch girth penis. Who do you think will give more satisfaction to their mate at any given time?

Yes you could bet it is the one with the bigger penis. It is simple, if you have it and can use it, you are better off than the one who can use it but doesn’t necessarily have it. But the key here is being able to use what you have. You might have more but if the smaller guy is better at using his then he is better off than you are. The more you have to use the better it is for you though.

Penis Enlargement and Having Bigger Penis

Naturally we all want bigger penis. We know that our neighbor has an eight inch penis and we ‘only’ have seven and that is a problem (for way to many of us males). Then we set out on a mission to find the fastest, easiest means by which we could increase our penis size without having a clue where we should start.

To have bigger penis, many of us look into the free enlargement options that are out there and soon realize that we get little to no value for free. The truth is that for one to find an effective, results based penis enlargement technique, program or system that really works, cost is involved.

How much depends on what you looking for; value for money is key and like with anything else cheap products or systems will likely yield less than stellar results. In some cases (which I highly discourage) persons look to homemade materials to assist them in their quest to have bigger penis. This is very dangerous and could cause irreparable damage to the penis.

A review of some of the penis enlargement techniques that are out there including the use of natural herbal supplements should be rather encouraging to most individuals. Penis enlargement is possible and reviewing some of the top rated techniques and systems could be the beginning of a wonderful experience. Use the information in here as a guide and always aim for the very best.