2018’s Best Penis Enlargement Pumps

January 11, 2018 by in Product Reviews

Top 5 Best Penis Pumps 2014

Our team did some researches and examine 23 most popular penis pumps that are widely used by men who want to enlarge their genitals. We summarized the best in “The Best Penis Pumps for 2018”.

Penis pumps have been changed compared to a few years ago. Thanks to breakthrough technology, now, most of the problems related to the use of a penis pump begin to be overcome. Moreover, recent innovations make the level of effectiveness of penis pumps even better. Some manufactures even sell their product with a money back guarantee, which explain the level of confidence in their products.

The list of 2016’s best penis pumps sorted based on the level of user satisfaction, product safety, sales number, price and the added value which are included in the product it self, such as warranty, customer service and other factors.

The Best Penis Pumps for 2018:

#1 Penomet

PenometFeatures and innovations that offered by Penomet are still very dominant and very difficult to be rivaled by other penis pumps. This revolutionary penis enlargement pump created to offer a powerful, unique and proven method of enlarging your penis. Penomet is a water assisted penis pump, comes in a unique and innovative interchangeable Gaiter System that allows you to gradually, safely and comfortably increase the pressure used to enlarge your member.

Comes with 5 interchangeable gaiters that allow user to gradually and safely increase the pressure of the device, users can achieve gains of up to 65% faster when compared to using a fixed penis pump gaiter setting. Within a mere 15 minutes of usage, Penomet allows every man the ability to increase the penis size by up to 3 inches in length and 30% in girth!

penomet1 penomet2 penomet3 penomet4

Penomet has won numerous awards over the years.

Its versatility (which can be used in the shower), build quality (made from unbreakable high quality polycarbonate plastics), warranty (lifetime gaiter replacement warranty) and a 60 day money back guarantee are some of the reasons why the Penomet is the absolute winner of the best penis pumps today!


#2 Bath-Mate

bath-MateDid you know? The Bathmate is the most famous Penis Pump in the world and has been sold worldwide for the past 5 years. The reason for the Bathmates success is simple: It really works! you will gain a longer, thicker penis in matter of weeks, thanks to the innovative design of the Bathmate penis pump.

Uses the remarkable power of water, The Bathmate range consists of four products, Hercules, X30, X40 and the Goliath as well as a wide range of accessories to help you with your gains. Each product comes with a standard 60 day money back guarantee.

bath-mate-4 bath-mate-3 bath-mate-2 bath-mate-1

Currently, Bathmate is the only device on the market that uses engineering combined with the unique properties of hydraulics to build up and improve on the traditional penis pump.

Bathmate produces a solid rock hard erection the full length of the penis in only 15 minutes. Generally, most men can gain between 1-3 inches in length and 30% increase in thickness. The increase is in both the erect and flaccid (soft) state. People who are much smaller, flaccid, seem to get the fastest, most noticeable enlargement results.